WARAW is committed to working on solutions that manage wolves in a way that keep our forests safe; protect our rural communities from economic devastation; promote the humane treatment of both wild and domestic animals and manage wolf populations within the limited prey and habitat available to them.
We support the following proposals and will be issuing details on our work on these solutions regularly:
  • Promote greater local control of predators for health and human safety.
  • Equip our members to be well-informed advocates for sound wolf management via our online and print mediums, as well as in-person conferences and workshops.
  • Manage wolf packs within their available prey base, after accounting for current predator consumption of prey and traditional hunting practices.
    Remove the Grey Wolf from the Washington State Endangered Species List.
  • Delist the wolf in the lower 48 from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Endangered Species List
Watch this website page and our Facebook page for updates on specific projects, event dates and other information:
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