Exterior Painting

Exterior painting is another specialty we provide. Exterior painting can range from having the trim on the outside of a home repainted to having the entire home repainted. This will often include pressure washing, priming, sealing, patching, caulking and landscape protection.

The first thing we do before the exterior painting can begin is to pressure wash all exterior surfaces. We use high pressure water nozzles to remove any dirt, debris and loose paint from the outside of the home. The water pressure is increased to 3500 psi by the use of gas powered engines.

Some houses will require the use of chemical house cleaners to clean heavily soiled areas. These chemicals are non toxic, biodegradable and are designed not to harm plants and grass. Pressure washing is the only way to assure that the exterior painting will last. This is because the primer and paint will adhere better to a clean surface.

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The next step in exterior painting is to protect the home and landscape from damage during the painting process. This is done by masking all windows, light fixtures and hardware with plastic and tape. Another step taken is to use canvas drop cloths and sometimes plastic to protect trees and shrubs from getting any paint on them. We also use the canvas drop cloths to protect sidewalks, porches and driveways from any paint spills.

The next stage in the exterior painting process is to repair any damage to the surfaces. This can include patching, caulking, priming and sanding. First all the windows and doors are inspected to determine if they need to be caulked. Caulking will help prevent water from entering the home in the future and causing damage. Caulk will also enhance the look of the home by sealing all hairline cracks.

Patching the home before the exterior painting begins will help to ensure that the paint will hold up over time. There are different patching compounds used on different parts of the home. Stucco patch is used to fill large cracks and gouges in the stucco. Various wood fillers are used on wood siding, trim pieces and doors. Some areas will need to be sanded to ensure a smooth final appearance.

Another task performed before the exterior painting can begin is to prime the outside surfaces. Some homes will need to be completely primed before painting and some will just need spot priming. The deciding factor is the existing condition of the home. Heavily stained areas will be primed with an oil based primer where as most areas will need a latex primer.

Different parts of the home will need to use different types of exterior paint. Stucco normally gets painted with low sheen paint like flat. Where as siding will get painted with higher sheen paint like semi gloss.

Waraw Painting has been providing painting services to our customers for over 6 years. We have the knowledge and experience to complete any size home or apartment. Call today to schedule a free exterior painting estimate.