Effects on wildlife

November 2014: Wolves play large role in Minnesota moose herd reductions. Despite the hopes of many wolf advocates, it wasnt due to global warming: http://www.spokesman.com/blogs/outdoors/2014/nov/12/study-wolf-impact-significant-minnesota-moose/

February 2013: Wolves contribute to decline in Jackson Hole moose herd:


February 2012: Wolves primary factor in Idaho elk herd reductions. In Idaho, wolves exploded from 35 in 1996 to roughly 800 a decade later.


Effects on Yellowstone Elk Herds: After decades of debate over whether this range was overgrazed by too many elk, public concern has shifted to the herds small size. The winter count, which was approximately 17,000 when wolf reintroduction began in 1995, fell below 10,000 in 2003.

It fluctuated between 6,000 and 7,000 as the wolf population on the parks northern range declined from 94 in 2007 to 38 in 2010. The elk count dropped to 3,915 in early 2013, the lowest since culling ended in the park in the 1960s. The decrease has been attributed to predation by reintroduced wolves.

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