We bring to each project our years of EXPERIENCE. What this means is that we are not just arriving and putting color on your walls. We know what technique will give us the best final appearance. We know the problems that can arrive from choice of color and the initial condition of the walls.

When visiting to give you a FREE QUOTE our focus is on making the correct decision to give you the best value pricing. Because of our initial focus when we arrive at your home we evaluate the manner in which we are going to proceed. Our bidding process does not involve the location of the home other than difficulty factors such as ceiling heights or for exterior painting the slope of the land and the ease at reaching the areas to be prepped and painted.

waraw home

Our initial energy is spent on protecting your furniture and flooring. We then make repairs as discussed with you from removing nails to rebuilding walls or ceilings.

While the initial repairs are drying we begin with reviewing our approach to your project. We try to start from the ceiling down, but in the case of ceiling repairs, which are major we might start on painting the trim (if the trim is in your project).

Once the repairs are dry we apply an initial coat of flat paint to the areas. When we get to the area that was primed with flat paint, we again coat those areas with the wall paint prior to painting the entire wall. Only in cases where we are repainting with the same color and same sheen (flat, eggshell, satin, or semi-gloss) will we plan on doing only one coat of paint.

During the process we involve our customers to make sure that we had not overlooked something that needed to be done such as removing hardware from windows.

We do not smoke. We come professional attired. We show you and your property respect. We do our very best to work one area at a time and to leave that area in the most organized manner possible when a project area will take more than a day. We will have already discussed with you the amount of time each project will take, the area , which we may use for storage, as well as the area we may use for cleanup.

We are creative and offer not only color ideas but trim ideas which can beautify your home!

We appreciate the opportunity to be your guest and to be of assistance to you.